Laica Portable Water Purifier - Pink


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Laica Portable Water Purifier 3000 Series Pink

Did you know you that you can get Calcium and Magnesium - essential minerals for healthy bones, teeth and muscles – from one glass of tap water? That is, if the filtered water you drink isn’t stripped of those healthy minerals. So ask yourself – are you a “mineral stripper”?

If so, Laica Mineralbalance water filtration system is the solution! It doesn’t strip the water of its essential minerals, and it’s easy and convenient to use.Made in Italy, the Laica bi-flux filter preserves the beneficial and essential minerals, Calcium and Magnesium, naturally present in tap water as recommended by the World Health Organization. This product comes in various colors and is ideal for campers and people who are always on the go.


Filtering Stages

♦ Pre filtration

♦ Reduction of heavy metals

♦ Chemicalabsorption and chlorine derivatives

♦ Mineral Balance

♦ PH Control

♦ Pre filtration

♦ Bacteriostatic

♦ Micro mesh

♦ Flow Regulator

♦ Twin Stream



♦ Total capacity: 2.3 liters / 9.7 cups

♦ Filtered water: 1.2 liters / 5 cups

♦ Electronic Life Indicator lets you know when to replace your filter cartridge

♦ Automatic Quick-fill lid facilitates easy water filling

♦ Food grade quality materials conforming to LAICA’s strict quality control

♦ Pitcher is dishwasher safe

♦ Pitcher and Filter Raw Materials are BPA FREE

♦ Made in Italy

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