Laica Vacuum Sealer Automatic

The best way to keep unchanged the freshness and flavor of your food.Vacuum packing machine Laica VT3112 - for keeping food as fresh.   vacuum packaging - process description vacuum packaging is a modern packaging and storage of food. The method of packaging in vacuum (or vacuum) consists in the introduction of the food into a packaging material impermeable to gases and exhaust air from the inside by means of a vacuum pump.

Features & Specifications:

-Vacuum increases the period in which food can be stored for about 3-4 times.

-Saves space in the fridge.

-The device automatically performs suction and seal the bag. 

-The compressor has a capacity of 9 liters / minute.

-Sleeps up to 9 l / min

-Compressor power: 90W

-Dimensions:  7 x 14 x 37 cm

-Weight: 1.3 kg

In the Box:

-Laica Vacuum Sealer Automatic

Warranty: 1 year

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