Laminox Oil Heater 14 EL 2500W


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Laminox Oil Heater 14 EL 2500W
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Laminox Oil Heater 14 EL 2500W

Laminox oil heater, includes 14 fins for a quick room heat up. It is portable and can be used any where.Enjoy a warm winter with the Laminox  Oil Heater.


♦ Warmth
♦ Safety
♦ Respect for natural environment
♦ Radiator does not comsume oxygen
♦ It is easily transported thanks to its rolli castors
♦ Does not burn fuel
♦ There is no exposed elements or flames
♦ filled with special diathermic oil that never needs to be replaced.
♦ Holding and distribution of heat assure


♦ Brand: Laminox
♦ Fins : 14
♦ 220-240V  50-60Hz
♦ Wattage: 2500

In The Box:

♦ Laminox Oil Heater 14 EL 2500W
♦ User Manual

Made In Italy 

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