Lancome Maison L'Autre Oud For Her EDP 75 ml


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Lancome Maison L'Autre Oud For Her EDP 75 ml


Lancome Maison L'Autre Oud For Her EDP 75 ml

Lancome L’Autre Oud perfume the best of oud scent with a subtle touch of florals and woody accords. This L’Autre Oud by Lancome is available in 75ml capacity. L’Autre Oud Eau de Parfum by Lancome is precious in a genuine sense of the word. It captures the mystical, hypnotic, and intense scent of oud like no one has been able to before. This treasure of a scent is enveloped by sensual accords of various kinds to give the whole fragrance a feel of pure beauty and enchantment. The bottle of the fragrance depict doors of a palace. The doors, slightly ajar, look real and seem to invite you into the exuberant world of fragrance


♦ Top notes: The first notes of this L’Autre Oud by Lancome is crafted using saffron, cypriol oil, labdanum, and clary sage. Saffron has a leathery, soft, inviting, and intimate aroma that is very pleasing to the senses. The oil of cypriol gives off a woody, earthy, and spicy aroma. Labdanum has a deep, hot, and bitter aroma that defines sensuousness and invigoration. The herbaceous clary sage has a lavender, leather, and amber-like scent that keeps your admirers always aware of your company.

♦ Middle notes: The middle notes of this L’Autre Oud eau de parfum mesmerize with their collection of two kinds of roses and oud. It has Turkish and Bulgarian rose to give your senses an intense, romantic, delicate, powdery, and refreshing scent. Oud enriches the notes with its musty and woody aroma and gives the EDP its enchanting prowess.

♦ Base notes: The base notes of this Lancome L’Autre Oud perfume is made using a lot of ingredients, which include oud, guaiac wood, patchouli, vetiver, moss, gurjun balsam, myrrh, and amyris. The outstanding exotic and refined scent of oud, when mixed with the other raw materials in the notes, brings out a very intoxicating, inviting, dark, irresistible redolence. Guaiac wood, patchouli, vetiver, and moss produce a bitter, woody, musty, and smoky scent. Gurjun balsam, myrrh, and amyris have balsamic and calming scents.

Made In France

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