Le Parfait Natural Sunshine Soap 95 g


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Le Parfait


Le Parfait Natural Sunshine Soap 95 g

♦ Your skin is your largest organ, and absorbs some of everything you put on it, making obsessively natural ingredients paramount, especially when used over the entire surface area of your skin. Le Parfait products contain entirely organic ingredients, soaps are made with organic plant oils and ground botanicals, and the ultra-luxe body oils comprise the most elegant organic and wild-crafted oils available.

♦ This Handmade Natural Soap is great for the beginning of the day with smell of natural orange. It’s made from fresh goat milk with a mixture of luxurious natural oils and Unrefined Shea with rich additions of yellow Mari Gold petals. This wonderful combination results a unique soap that cleans and nourishes the skin and hair in a large number of vitamins such as vitamin D, C, B 1, B, B-12 and vitamin E, which absorbed by the skin with Soap foam. In addition, Mari Gold Petals with goat milk make this Soap is wonderful for the treatment of acne and reduce skin irritation for sensitive skin plus it’s moisturize and effectively treatment the eczema. This soap has a creamy moisturizing foam rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin B found in virgin olive oil.

♦ Uses: Face, Body and Hair 


♦ Brand: Le Parfait

♦ Size: 95 g 

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