Libero Comfort Fit Diapers Size 5 (10 - 14 kg) 50 Pcs


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Libero Stage 5 Diapers (10 - 16 kg) 50 pieces

♦ You're making a sound environmental choice whichever Libero diaper size you choose.

Features :

♦ The diaper is thin and breathable: Special channels along the length of the diaper make it flexible and comfortable between the legs

♦ Thanks to smart elastic strips, Free Flex stretchy sides and back and self-adhesive fastening tape. you can trust the diaper to constantly adapt to your child’s movements

♦ A guarantee that the diapers contain no lotions, ointments, moisturizing creams or perfumes


♦ Brand: Libero

♦ Weight: 10-16 kg

♦ Qty.: 50 pieces

Made in the EU

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