Lider Ultra Premium Spectrum Adult Cat Peptigest34 Cat Food 2 kg


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Lider Ultra Premium Spectrum Adult Cat Peptigest34 Cat Food 2 kg


Lider Ultra Premium Spectrum Adult Cat Peptigest34 Cat Food 2 kg 

Content : Dehydrated fish protein, dehydrated chicken protein, brown rice, potato starch, chicken oil, dried antarctic qrill (euphauisa superba) (4%), hydrolysed bagasse fibre, hydrolysed chicken liver, carob flour, brewer's yeast, cranberry extract, yucca-quillaja, fructo-oligosaccharides (600 ppm), L-carnitine, rosmarinus sp. - curcuma sp. - vitis sp. - citrus sp. - eugenia sp. (300 ppm).

High Digestibility : Inclusion of enzymatic hydrolysed proteins in in SPECTRUM Peptigest34 increase total protein digestibility and promotes the bioavailability of essential amino acids. Digestive sensitive dogs are prone to intestinal irritation combined with decreased enzymatic activity and nutrient absorption. Ultra-digestible proteins or bioactive peptides counter the endogenous loss of proteins and promote nitrogen metabolism.

Digestive Security : The intestinal tract is the first entry of pathogens Fructo-oligosaccharides in SPECTRUM Peptigest34 stimulate growth of bifidobacteria and contribute indirectly to the acidification of the intestinal content. Local defences or immunity are boosted by increasing the production of antibodies. A boosted local immunity delays any damage to the intestinal epithelium and consequences (soft stools, diarrhea…)

Intestinal Lining
 : Antarctic qrill in SPECTRUM Peptigest34 is rich in proteins of high biological value concentrated in glutamine. Glutamine or the “intestinal permeability factor” maintains the structural integrity of the intestinal lining, supporting its quick turn over.

SPECTRUM Peptigest34, an especially formulated complete, balanced and grain-free ultra-premium food to meet the nutritional requirements of adult cats with digestive sensitivity and/or prone to hairballs.


♦ Brand: Lider

♦ Size: 2 kg

Made in Turkey

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