L'oreal White UV Perfect SPF 50 Cream 30 ml


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L'oreal White UV Perfect SPF 50 Cream 30 ml

♦ Every day,your skin faces multiple aggressions such as UV rays and atmospherical pollution-that trigger the creation of free radicals,responsable for attacking cells and braking elastin and collagen fibers.

Product Information:

♦ Against Brown spots
♦ Skin darkening premature skin ageing

♦ Premature skin ageing
♦ Anti-oxidant complex, Activa-Cell in the formula to reinforce protection against free radicals and better shield cells
♦ UV perfect for immediate and longlasting protection


♦ White transparent skin
♦ Deep alteration of skin and cells functions

♦ Skin protected against brown spots,darkening and permature ageing


♦ UV Perfect can be used at the end of your skincare routine as a daily moisturising make-up base

Made For L'oreal Paris By PT Yasulor Indonesia

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