Lurpak Cook's Range Baking 500g

♦ Take on cupcakes, brownies and sponges with Lurpak® Baking by your side.
♦ The ideal blend of butter and vegetable oil gives a softer texture ready to mix straight from the fridge. It easily folds into cake mixtures and gives a light, fluffy golden finish. It's time to embark on new baking adventures.
♦ Blended Spread: 70% Fat Content (70% Milk Fat, 30% Vegetable Oil)


♦ Soft from the fridge for ready-to-go baking

♦ Contains no additives, artificial colorings or preservatives

♦ Suitable for vegetarians

♦ Kosher

Storage: Keep refrigerated.


♦ Brand: Lurpak

♦ Size: 500ml 

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