Lux Body Wash Sweet Embrace 250 ml

- With every drop of long lasting fragrant shower gel, Lux Sweet Embrace Body Wash unleashes a burst of precious notes

- Contains Passion Flower to beautifully comforting Patchouli Oil notes that will linger on your skin throughout the day .

- Carefully formulated, it also provides deep skin moisturisers to hydrate, soften, and smo o th your skin .

- Get s ofter and addictive long lasting fragrant skin

- Infused with Floral Fusion Oil ™ , this fragrance introduces a deliciously sweet scent with fruity notes

- Enjoy the delicate burst of fruity notes like PassionFlower and Patchouli Oil , and feel sweeter than ever after every shower .

- This blend of long lasting fragrance notes will allow you to leave a trail of femininity wherever you go , and addict those around you

- Brand: Lux

- Size: 250 ml

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