Luxurious 24K Gold Mask Promotion 2 (4 Pieces)


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Luxurious 24K Gold Mask Promotion 2 (4 Pieces)

♦ Collagen eye & face mask treatments can be both carried out at home as well as taken at a spa. Our Gold Collagen Eye Masks are a progressive treatment, so the more you use it, the better results will be!

♦ To understand how collagen facial mask works on the skin, it is first of all important to know what collagen is. Collagen is a naturally occurring, fibrous protein in the body which supports tissues such as the muscles, bones, skin, cartilage, tendons and certain internal organs. Collagen in combination with keratin, gives the skin its elasticity, firmness and resilience. However, once a person starts aging, the collagen in the skin starts depleting, thus causing fine lines, wrinkles and all other signs of aging in the process. Researches show that degradation of collagen starts at as early as twenty five.


♦ Boosts collagen production
 Brightens, Firms and Tones the skin
♦ Increases cellular renewal
♦ Reduces fine lines
♦ Re- Hydrates the skin
♦ Leaves the skin silky smooth with radiant complexion
♦ Refreshes tired eyes

How to use:

♦ Apply 1 to 2 times per week
♦ Thoroughly cleanse face
♦ Position the half-moon shaped mask under the eye
♦ Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes
♦ Remove by peeling the side of the mask and slowly lifting
♦ Massage the access product with finger tips and then rinse with warm water
♦ Apply your daily moisturizer

Please note:

♦ Do not exceed more than 30 min of each treatment
♦ Do not reuse the mask
♦ Do not use the mask more than twice a week


♦ Glycerine, propanediol, hyaluronic acid, collagen proteinic, allantoin, rose essential oil, antiseptics, solubilizer, Grape seed oil, nano gold, water.

In the box:

♦ 1  24K Gold Facial Mask 
♦ 1  24K Gold Breast Mask 
♦ 1  24K Gold Eye Mask 
♦ 1  24K Gold Eye Patch 

Made in China

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