Majdi Pimento Powder 70 g


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Majdi Pimento Powder 70 g

♦ A pimento, also spelled "pimiento," is a small sweet red pepper, similar to, but more flavorful than, a bell pepper. These peppers can be used in a wide range of dishes, from stuffed olives to chicken salad sandwiches.


♦ Pimentos are low in calories and fat content but contain a great deal of Vitamins C and A

♦ Pimento is used in sauces, pickling, commercial sausage preparations, and curry powders

♦ It is also used in many dishes, including cakes. It is used to flavor barbecue sauces.

♦ It is also a good home remedy for upset stomach in which case it is either chewed or crushed up and used to make tea

♦ It is used in the preparation of beans not only because of its excellent flavor but because it is believed to reduce the flatulence caused by beans.


♦ Brand: Majdi

♦ Weight: 70 g

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