Maternea Breast Firming Cream 125 ml


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Maternea Breast Firming Cream 125 ml


Maternea Breast Firming Cream 125 ml

♦ The skin on the breasts and décolletage is extremely delicate and not very elastic. Since there are no well-developed muscles in the breasts, the beauty and firmness of your chest depend entirely on the condition of the skin. During pregnancy the breasts increase in size, and it is essential to help the skin carry this larger volume by providing it with extra nourishment.
Maternea Breast Firming Cream contains a complex of specially selected active ingredients, which effectively increase the skin’s elasticity, protect it from slackness, nourishes and hydrates. The skin remains healthy, soft and smooth.


♦ Brand: Maternea

♦ Size: 125 ml 

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