Maxxmma 3' Water/Air Heavy Bag - delivered by Gym Doctor


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Maxxmma 3' Water/Air Heavy Bag  - delivered by Gym Doctor
Gym Doctor


Maxxmma 3' Water/Air Heavy Bag (X2HBA-301A)

Features And Specifications:

- Weight: 70 ~ 120 lbs (31.7 - 54kg) Adjustable Color Box: 55 x 35 x 13 cm Ship unfilled Includes
- Water hose & pump MaxxMMA X-Water/Air Technology Water is one of the most significant components when it comes to the human body, i.e. the human muscle is approximately 75% water by weight.

- The exclusive combination of water and air in a heavy bag creates a realistic human body feel when striking.
- Adjustable in both weight and hand feel, anybody can tailor a unique heavy bag experience according to their own personal preferences with only water and air.
- By emptying out the water and air, the heavy bag will easily become light in weight and small in size for easy shipping & storage.
- Part number: X2HBA-301A

Delivery time: within 48 working hours
Working hours: from 10:00AM : 8:00PM


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