Medi -Temp Hot & Cold Head Neck Pad

♦ Hot & Cold therapy is a recognized medical treatment for everyday minor injuries.


♦ Heat therapy: is generally applied to chronic or persistent injuries such as minor muscle and joint pain, stiffness, muscle spasm and cramps
♦ Cold therapy: is generally applied to acute injuries within the first 72 hours following most sprains, strains,swelling and minor injuries
♦ One size fits most
♦ Washable
♦ Reusable
♦ Non-Toxic
♦ Flexible when frozen 
♦ Includes 1 hot & cold gel pack with insulated sleeve & secure fastener 


♦ Neck, Head, Eyes & Dental


♦ Brand: Medi Temp
♦ Gel Pack Size: 89 mm x 573 mm

Made In USA

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