Medisana Air Humidifer AH660


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Medisana Air Humidifer AH660

Medisana 60067 AH 660 air humidifier of 30 watts is an efficient device to increase humidity of your room. Very dry air increases susceptibility to infection and respiratory diseases and leads to fatigue and lack of concentration. Healthy air should have a relative atmospheric humidity of 40 to 55 %. The quiet, energy-saving ultrasound technology of the personal humidifier uses oscillation to convert water into fine mist that increases the moisture level of the air. This improves the air quality and prevents the mucous membranes and skin from drying out. The capacity of the device is suitable for a room with a maximum area of 30 m2. You can adjust the level of humidity to the size of the room using the knob for the mist intensity.


Air humidifier with ultrasound technology to improve the breathing air quality.
High efficiency through micro fine atomization.
For rooms up to approx. 30m2"
Nebulization continuously adjustable.
Removable tank.
Automatically switches off when the tank is empty.
Low-noise and energy-saving.
Incl. water filter.
Water tank capacity 4500ml.
Max. Nebulizing output 300ml/h.
Power output 30 watts.
Operating time 15 hours.
Main adapter.


Brand: Medisana 

Model: AH660

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