Merci Finest Selection Chocolate (Red) 400 g


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Merci Finest Selection Chocolate (Red) 400 g

♦ There is no better way of expressing a sincere and heartfelt ‘thank you’ than with a gift that speaks for itself: Merci Finest Assortment of chocolates.
♦ At Taw9eel discover special gifts for your friends, family or smooth melting treats for your sweet moment.


♦ Merci is a delicious selection of the finest milk and dark chocolates made from the very best ingredients available, providing indulgence and variety.
♦ With assorted flavours, merci will delight all tastes and show that you really care.
♦ Merci chocolates are produced under the strictest quality control

♦ 7 varieties of chocolate specialities: Hazelnut-creme, Milk chocolate, Hazelnut-almond, Praline-creme, Dark cream, Dark mousse & Coffee and cream


♦ Brand: Merci
♦ Weight: 400 g
♦ Assorted European chocolates

Made In Germany 

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