Miracle Quickfinder Ii Cat/Sm Pet Guillotine (Assorted)


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Miracle Quickfinder Ii Cat/Sm Pet Guillotine (Assorted)

♦ The New Miracle Care QuickFinder Safety Nail Clipper is one of the best invention that you have no worry when you clip nails for your pet. The QuickSensor Technology senses your pet's quick and give visual clues as to when it is safe and when it is not safe to begin clipping. Red light means Do Not Clip; Yellow means Caution; Green means Safe to Clip. Miracle Coat QuickFinder Safety Nail Clipper is easy to use and a nice nail clipper that avoid the quick.


♦ Fast, safe, and easy to use

♦ Detects mail differences between the live blood of your pet's quick, and the dead skin of the nail and claw

♦ QuickSensor that avoid cutting your pet's quick

♦ Includes two AAA batteries

♦ Works on all types of nails of cats and small animals

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