Nabta Green Tea With Lemongrass (10 Cups)


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Nabta Green Tea With Lemongrass (10 Cups)

♦ Nabta is a Kuwaiti brand of delicious tea. Each pack has 10 cups that comes with it 10 sugar and wooden stick for steering. What makes Nabta unique is that it is fast preparation tea in cup, which is great for dessert hangouts or occasions. Another thing that points Nabta to be unique is that the herbs production is from blue lake farm which is located in Kuwait.


♦ Fast Preparation Tea

♦ Great for camping and hangout occasions

♦ Produced from blue lake located in Kuwait

♦ Each individual cup holds the tea leaves and there is a mesh (which acts like a tea strainer)

In The box:

♦ 10 cups with lid

♦ 10 sugar sachet

♦ 10 wooden stick


♦ Brand: Nabta

♦ Flavor: Lemongrass

Made In Kuwait

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