Nestle Nan 400g Stage 4 ( 3 - 6 yrs )


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Nestle Nan 400g Stage 4 ( 3 - 6 yrs )


Nestle Nan 400g Stage 4 ( 3 - 6 yrs )

♦ Toddlers undergo a period of intense growth during which  their nutritional needs are exceptionally high, e.g up to twice as much energy as an adult per kilogram of weight.


♦ NAN growing up formula provides your baby with all nutrients essential for development:

♦ BL bfidus: naturally active cultures
♦ Denta Pro: naturally active lactobacillus and bifidus cultures
♦ LipidSmart: a special fat blend rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids
♦ B-complete: a specific vitamin B complex that helps promote effective energy utilization by your toddler 

Made In Switzerland 

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