Natureland Corn Flakes 250 g

♦ These golden flakes are really the best tasting cornflakes this text writer has ever tried. There is a trick to appreciating them though. I recommend adding the milk, and then waiting about 5-10 minutes. During this time the cornflakes will soften and become very tasty. Our flakes are thicker, and they won't just disentigrate in this short soak. Another trick is to sweeten this product with Natureland Acacia Honey. When you try this you'll know why I say this :) Enjoy Crispy golden flakes with the natureland quality you trust.

Ingredients: Corn, Unrefined Cane sugar, Sea Salt, Corn Malt


♦ Organic products

♦ Very healthy

♦ Natural from seeds till eating


♦ Brand: Natureland
♦ Weight: 250g 

Product of Germany


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