Navi Spray For Blocked Nose 30 ml


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Navi Spray For Blocked Nose 30 ml
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Navi Spray For Blocked Nose 30 ml

♦ Navi spray is a solution made up of propolis and eucalyptus extracts that helps in unblocking and nourishing the nose.

♦ Propolis has the active antibiotic and antimycotic potency. While eucalyptus oil is the most powerful probalis as aniseptic and disifectant.



♦ It has the ability to deal with: 

- runny nose due to flu and colds

- Nasal congestion

- Sinus congestion

- Irritation of the nasal passages

- Inflammation of the mucous memberanes such as allergic rhinitis 

- irritating dryness of the nasal cavity


- spray 1 to 3 times in each nostril as many times as needed


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