Navi Vision Pink Eye Natural Formula 15ml

♦ Navi Vision, for Pink eye, is eye drops formulated with a unique natural plant medicine. It helps to relieve the red eye conditions, associated with inflammation and water discharge, itching and eye irritation. It cures eye fatigue resulted by exposure to environments with air conditioned, by long hours of work in front of computer screens, smog, pollen and by other nonpathological factors.


♦ Relief for tired and red eyes

♦ Navi Vision  is ideal for dry, tired, gritty eyes caused by environmental factors such as heating, air conditioning, wind, smoke, dust, computer use, driving, overwork, swimming and other causes.  

♦ Contains a vegetable extract of Chamomile and Euphrasia

♦ Can be used with contact lenses

Directions for use:

♦ The usual dosage is one drop, two to three times a day or as needed.

Made in Italy by NOVAX PHARMA Company

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