Nester Foldable Toilet Seat

♦ Finally! A comfortably padded folding ptty seat to take with you on shot or long trips. The cushion traveler folding padded potty seat is compact engouh to carry in your daper bag yet still provides the comfort and familiarity of the seat that your toddler uses at home.

♦ The Folding Potty Seart folding padded toilet seat cover is great for when you are on the go and want to steer clear of nasty germs in public toilets. Kids tend to put their hands all over a toilet seat, now you do not need to worry when you are away from home. The cover comes in a compact travel bag so you can keep it under the pram or in your nappy bag, then simply attach to a toilet seat when needed.


♦ Foldable

♦ Easy to clean

♦ Great for public toilets

♦ Keeps your child in routine

♦ Cushioned for comfort and safety

♦ Fits all toilet seats

♦ Underside brackets helps keep seat secure

♦ Includes washable carry bag

♦ Ideal for on the go

♦ Suitable up to approx 25kgs

♦ Deeply padded for comfort on little bottoms


♦ Brand: Nester

♦ Color: White

Made in China

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