Nester Magic Container

♦ Magic Containers Storage Boxes are great for storing everyday things like

Stuff that normal people need to store Papers, Towels, Potatoes, Tarps, Dirty Clothes or whatever.

♦ This collapsible box can store all in one. Then, when you need to enlarge them, you just stretch 'em out and you're done. This magic container is so good and so useful, they're not scared to admit it: They're NOT for everything under the sun. You wouldn't use these boxes to transport angry killer bees but for the sort of thing you'll probably find in your workshop, garage, or attic, these boxes will do the trick.


♦ Easy to store - takes up minimal space when folded

♦ Easy to transport Very lightweight

♦ Built-in handles, easy to carry even when filled with items to it's capacity

♦ Flexible below

♦ Cover up top lid easy to fix in

♦ Just a small push and collapse to 10 CM

♦ Just a small pull and extract to up to 40CM

♦ Can hold almost all type of things

♦ Ideal things for shipping goods like vegitables, fruits, tools, laundry etc.


♦ Brand: Nester

Made in China


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