Nido One Plus Milk Powder Stage (3) 900 g


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Nido One Plus Milk Powder Stage (3) 900 g

♦ Nido one plus is the growing up milk formula that is specialized for your one to three years old child


♦ Helps support the immune system:
  - Nido one plus is enriched with a wide range of vitamins & minerals
  - Its help support the immune system: Folic acid, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc as well as vitamin B6
♦ Growth & development:
  -  Essential fatty acids: Linoleic and α- Linoleic acids that are needed for proper growth and development of children
  -  Nido one plus is a source of iron, which is necessary for cognitive development in children
♦ Prebiotics and probiotics:
  - Nido one plus contains live and active Lactobacillus Paracasei Cultures
  - Prebio a natural fiber composed of Oligofructose and Inulin


♦ Brand: Nido
♦ Weight: 900 g

Made In Dubai


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