Nivea Skin Refining Scrub 150 ml

♦ Face Care Skin Refining Scrub respects the skin’s natural moisture balance while removing dead skin cells. It provides gentle yet effective exfoliation to keep the skin radiant and healthy.


♦ Softly removes dead skin cells and impurities with its gentle microscrubs
♦ Stimulates skin renewal
♦ Panthenol maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance
♦ Visibly refined your skin looks more radiant and fresh


♦ Use 2-3 times a week
♦ Apply to a dampened face and massage face in upward moving circles
♦ Rinse with lukewarm water


♦ Brand: Nivea
♦ Volume: 150 ml
♦ Item Ref.: 81131

Made in France

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