Novalac-IT2 400g Follow-on Formula 6 months onwards


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Novalac-IT2 400g Follow-on Formula 6 months onwards
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Novalac-IT2-400g follow-on formula 6 months onwards

♦ Novalac IT is specially formulated to provide relief for babies suffering from constipation.


♦ Novalac IT2:  from 6 months onwards
♦ Novalac IT contains a balanced blend of nutrients to help maintaining the transit of food through your baby’s gut:

♦ Higher magnesium and lactose providing laxative effects
♦ Adapted fat profile ensuring easier fat absorption
♦ Novalac IT is a whey predominant formula combined with special nutrients that retains moisture in the stools
♦ This helps to ensure that your baby’s bowel movements are not delayed.
♦ Novalac IT is nutritionally complete and can be used even once constipation is resolved.


♦ Brand: Novalac
♦ 6 months onwards
♦ Weight: 400g

Made In Germany

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