Bar-Be-Quick Grill Tray Set 5 Packs


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Bar-Be-Quick Grill Tray Set 5 Packs


Bar-Be-Quick Grill Tray Set 5 Packs

♦ Foil Cooking Trays are fantastic to use on a BBQ, to stop fat dripping on to the coals, preventing a flare up. They are also great to use if you are cooking for vegetarians as well as meat-eaters, as you can keep food completely separate and still keep the food tasting grea, ou can use these Grill Trays in the oven as well as on the BBQ, so they are perfect for use all year round, not just in the summer! They will keep your food tasting great, without the mess or fuss or having to soak and wash the tray afterwards.


♦ Brand: Bar-Be-Quick 

♦ Content: 5 Pieces 

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