BBQ Essentials Bundle

Bar-Be-Quick Grill Brush

♦ Ever wondered how to clean your BBQ grill? Wonder no more because of the 3-in-1 plastic brush cleaner from Bar-Be-Quick. It features a strong brass bristle

with abrasive nylon pad and a metal scrapper. It will always fully clean the grill.


♦ Brand: Bar-Be-Quick

Bar-Be-Quick Fire Lighters 24 Blocks

♦ Bar-Be-Quick Fire Lighter Cubes will light your fire or barbecue safely and easily. 


♦ For all outdoor and indoor fires includingfire
♦ NO Smoke, NO Odour and NO Sparks
♦ 100% chemical free and environmentally friendly,
♦ Clean, safe and ready to use without the need for any lighter fluid 


♦ Brand: Bar-Be-Quick 
♦ Wt:  (24 cubes) 



Bar-Be-Quick Bamboo Wood Skewers 100 Pieces

♦ The Bar-Be-Quick Bamboo Skewers 100 PK is your grilling and barbecue partner. With 100 pieces of bamboo skewers in a single pack, it is great for large parties, outdoor gatherings, picnics, and special occasions. Use it the next time you serve kebabs and grilled treats for an event – and meal – that everyone will remember, Inserting and securing different types of veggies and lean cuts of meat on the skewer is easy. The sharpened edge makes it simple to add seafood, fruits, meats and vegetable. Plus it is designed for easy turning while grilling.


♦ Brand: Bar-Be-Quick

♦ Content: 100 Pieces 

Made In UK 

Bar-Be-Quick Grill Tray Set 5 Packs

♦ Foil Cooking Trays are fantastic to use on a BBQ, to stop fat dripping on to the coals, preventing a flare up. They are also great to use if you are cooking for vegetarians as well as meat-eaters, as you can keep food completely separate and still keep the food tasting grea, ou can use these Grill Trays in the oven as well as on the BBQ, so they are perfect for use all year round, not just in the summer! They will keep your food tasting great, without the mess or fuss or having to soak and wash the tray afterwards.


♦ Brand: Bar-Be-Quick 

♦ Content: 5 Pieces 

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