Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers Size 3 Midi 6-10 kg 88 Pieces

Say hello to leakage protection.

New Pampers baby-dry is the first and only diaper with 3 Absorbing Channels that use the full diaper capacity

Offering all night dryness and up to 100% leakage protection, So your baby can sleep soundly all night.

3 Absorbing Channels: For up to 100% leakage protection

Absorbent Micro Pearls: Locks away the wetness from baby’s skin

Extra Dry-Layer: Instantly absorbs wetness away from the skin

Stretchy Sides: Flexes with your baby’s every move

Dry-Layer: Instantly absorbs wetness away from skin

Stretchy Sides: Soft and stretchy sides adapt to the baby moves for a comfortable fit

- Brand: pampers 

- Size: 3 Midi 6 - 10 kg 

- Content: 88 Pieces

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