Panasonic Cord/Cordless Beard & Hair Trimmer 0.5mm ER-217


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Panasonic Cord/Cordless Beard & Hair Trimmer 0.5mm ER-217

♦ Convenient and adjustable trimmer for beard and hair.


♦ Quick adjust dial for easy length setting: For beard trimming turn dial to easily adjust comb up and down into 14 setting from 1-20 mm, no need for multiple comb attachment.

♦ Washable for easy maintenance: Easy to wash directly with water.

♦ 0.5 mm with attachment detached: Possible to style hair in combination with your own comb or finger, thin attachment for natural-looking finish simply by stroking the hair.

♦ Cord/cordless operation: AC rechargeable, providing up to 40 minutes of cordless usage.

♦ Charge Indicator lamp: During charge, the indicator light glows red.


♦ Brand: Panasonic

♦ Charge time: 8 hours

♦ Usage cordless: 40 minutes

Model: ER-217

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