Pantene Clinicare Frizz Defense Conditioner 250ml


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Pantene Clinicare Frizz Defense Conditioner 250ml


Pantene Clinicare Frizz Defense Conditioner 250ml

♦ Pantene Clinicare is an intensive care collection designed with cutting edge technology to treat severe hair issues. Frizz hair is caused when dry; damage hair is exposed to humidity. Frizz Defense collection has been designed with our Japanese hair science institute to repair damaged hair prone to frizz inhibit the external causes of frizz. Its advanced formula penetrates deep into the hair cuticle and controls moisture and humanity even down to the microscopic level. It also helps block extra moisture and fights hair frizz caused by dryness and humidity. The result is silly, smooth hair free from excess frizz. The conditioner provides Silky smooth moisturization for hair that s been freshly cleansed by shampoo.


♦ Smooth Pantene Pro-V formula +3 fruits extract: mango Essence, Blackberry essence, and Avocado Essence

♦ Repair damaged hair

♦ Transforms frizzy hair into silky, smooth hair

♦ Moisturize control formula

♦ Daily hair thickening treatment


♦ Brand: Pantene

♦ Size: 250ml

                                                                                                                                                 Made in Thailand

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