Pascual Pineapple Non Fat Yogurt 4 x 125g


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Pascual Pineapple Non Fat Yogurt 4 x 125g

♦ A healthy and highly nutritious product. Pascual yogurt is rich in essential nutrients and proteins, low in calories and a source of calcium.

Benefits & Characteristics:

♦ Yogurt is easily absorbed by the body because it is a pre-digested food
♦ Only the highest quality ingredients are used in its manufacture: Pascual was the highest scoring milk brand
♦ All pascual yogurts contain no preservatives
♦ Pascual yogurts provide significants savings in transport and storage because do not require refrigeration
♦ All Pascual Yogurts have been certified by Halal institute
♦ Pascual Yogurts are certified as Gluten-free products
♦ Pascual Yogurts are free from GMO(Genetically Modified Organism) 


♦ Brand: Pascual
♦ Size: 4 x 125 g
♦ Flavour: Pineapple
♦ Non Fat: 0%

Made In Spain

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