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Perla Plain Mattress Protector

This easy care cotton mattress pad with stain repel and release treatment features softness and cool comfortable environment 

Package Dimensions:

 Mattress Protector 100x200+30 cm
♦ Mattress Protector 120x200+30 cm
♦ Mattress Protector 150x200+30 cm
♦ Mattress Protector 180x200+30 cm
♦ Mattress Protector 200x200+30 cm


♦ Material: 100% Cotton pile loop terry
♦ Backside: PU ( polyurethane ), Front: 105 gsm
♦ Water proofing, breathable 
♦ Absorbent
♦ Dust mite barrier
♦ Anti-allergy and Natural material that’s soft against your skin 
♦ Machine Washable

♦ Made in China

Delivery time: within 48 working hours
Working hours: from 8:30 AM : 09:00 PM

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