Perles De Lalique for Her 100 ml


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Perles De Lalique for Her 100 ml

♦ Surround yourself with positivity and self-confidence, and a true sense of style.


♦ Perles de Lalique, a scent designed to achieve a sense of refined femininity
♦ High quality raw materials including Bulgarian Rose, Orris, Bourbon Pepper, Indonesian Patchouli and Cashmere Woods
♦ The woman infinitely elegant and extremely feminine
♦ Perles de Lalique is a modern chypre structure built upon high quality natural ingredients
♦ The perfumer had full freedom to use in great amounts the best qualities of traditional raw materials such as rose and orris, one reason why the fragrance is so unique


♦ Top notes: Bourbon pepper, Bulgarian rose
♦ Heart notes:  Orris
♦ Base notes: Cashmere woods, patchouli

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