Be 3 Miracle Tan Self Tanning Spray 100 ml


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Be 3


Be 3 Miracle Tan Self Tanning Spray 100 ml

♦ The miracle feature of Miracle Tan Spray is combining an anti-aging and a self-tanning action all in one product


♦ Instantly gives the skin a golden, natural tan - Thanks to its innovative mix of active ingredients including a new food bronze pigments without leaving anti-aesthetic orange patches.

♦ It doesn't stain clothes -Not even the white ones

♦ Natural product - Contains a sugar cane extract (DHA) and hyaluronic acid for a nourishing and anti-aging action. 

♦ Composed of hyaluronic acid moisturizing to fill visible wrinkles and lines - We provide the best with our unique formula with HYALO -OLIGO™ 

♦ Fast color development on the skin in color intensity and uniformity and natural long-lasting color-Thanks to our exclusive ingredient ACTIVATAN™ 


♦ Brand: Be 3 Miracle

♦ Size: 100 ml

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