Parodontax Herbal Ginger,Mint & Eucalyptus Toothpaste 75 ml


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Parodontax Herbal Ginger, Mint & Eucalyptus Toothpaste 75 ml

- It is considered an effective treatment for bleeding gums as the accumulation of bacteria and plaque causes weakness and bleeding in the gums.

- Using Bardontex toothpaste twice daily helps stop bleeding gums and strengthens them.

- Resists infections of the mouth, gums, and teeth.

- It gets rid of harmful bacteria that may cause tooth decay.

- Reduces bleeding and inflammation of the gums.

- Promotes healing of gum and mouth cells.

- Gives your mouth a feeling of freshness.

- Toothpaste for sensitive gums.

- Brand: Parodontax

- Size: 75 ml

- Product of Slovakia.

- Notice: Keep out of reach of children، Not suitable for children under 12 years.

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