Philips Avent Natural Feeding Teats Variable x 2 pcs SCF655/27


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Philips Avent


Philips Avent Natural Feeding Teats Variable x 2 pcs SCF655/27

♦ Comforting your baby is now easy with the Philips Avent Natural Feeding Teats Variable X2. These soft, silicone teats won’t hinder the natural development of your little angel's teeth, palate, and gums. The material ensures your darling will accept the pacifier without making much fuss. Its innovative twin valve design reduces colic, and discomfort while the petal design inside the teat increase softness and flexibility. These teats can be used for kids, at least, three months and above, as they have a variable flow speed.


♦ BPA free for your child of 3 months and more.

♦ A natural feel

♦ perfect for your precious little bundle of joy

♦  What's more! The teats have a variable flow speed, which means you can adjust the flow rate by turning the bottle.

♦ Flexible design

♦ The translucent colored Philips Avent bottle teats imitate a breast shape.

♦  the petal design inside the nipple increases softness and flexibility without nipple collapse.

♦The twin valve design of these Avent baby teats reduces colic and discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not the feeding child’s belly.

♦ Convenient and safe to use


♦ Brand: Philips Avent
♦ Package: 2 pcs

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