Philips Essential 20 W 36D Closed GU 5.3


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Philips Essential 20 W 36D Closed GU 5.3

♦ Philips light bulbs provide a beautiful, warm white light, an exceptionally long life, and immediate, significant energy savings. With a pure and elegant design, this bulb is the perfect choice.Buy bulbs online & get your delivery within 4 hours.


♦ Dichroic reflector
♦ 2 years lifetime based on 2000 hours
♦ Voltage 12V
♦ 36 D beam angle
♦ Superior-quality low-voltage halogen burner in glass reflector.
♦ Ideal solution for small decorative luminaires, putting your objects in thespotlight.
♦ Dichroic coating prevents heat transmission onto the object.


♦ Brand: Philips
♦ Light effect: Dichroic reflector
♦ Wattage bulb: 20 W
♦ Fitting/Cap:GU 5.3
♦ Voltage: 12 V
♦ Lifetime: 2 years≈2000 hours

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