Philips TLD S10 40 W Starter

♦ Range of Blue glow switch starters for igniting fluorescent lamps withelectromagnetic ballast 2-pin igniter in plastic (flame-retardantpolycarbonate) canister and radio-interference suppression capacitor


♦ • S10 starters are suitable for 220/240 V 13, 4-65 W singleapplications. It is required for 220/240 V 13 W single applications
♦ Secure, safe and fast ignition on both inductive (L) and capacitive(LC) lighting systems acc. to IEC 60155
♦ Controlled preheating of the lamp filaments and sufficient pulsevoltage for longer lamp life (>25% compared with cheap starters)
♦ Canister shape designed for a better grip while installing andreplacing the starter
♦ Blue insulation plate to identify these lead-free and radioactive-freeenvironment-friendly starters


♦ Brand: Philips
♦ Lamp Wattage: 4-65 W 

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