PlayGo Dough Shooters With 2X2 Dough Included


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Play Go


PlayGo Dough Shooters With 2X2 Dough Included

♦ Dough allows your child hours of fun and creativity. Contents include dough press/extruder, 2 extruder 'slides' - each with 5 design cut outs, dough knife and two pots of dough. The two pots of dough have molds in their lids. Can be used with any dough product.


♦ Shape mould in the cover of clay bucket; 8 pcs included in this set

♦ Great for your little boy or girl 3 yrs. and up

♦ Amusement mean to children

♦ Has many tools for more shapes


♦ Brand: PlayGo

♦ Content:

dough press/extruder

with 5 design cut outs

dough knife

two pots of dough


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