PlayGo Spiro Master Drawing Set

♦ Spin the wheel, change the gears and create funsational spiral drawings!


♦ Best for ages: 5 + years
♦ This Spiral Draw Set includes 19 different pieces for creating cool and unique spiral drawings.
♦ Place your paper on the spiral draw board, then place your marker in one of the gear stencil holes and spin the wheels to watch
   the gears draw cool spirals for you.
♦ Create astonishing geometric patterns with the Spiro-Master.

♦ Alternate coloured markers and change the gears to produce thousands of different illustrations.


♦ Brand: PlayGo
♦ Item No: 7320
♦ Weight: 0.8 kg
♦ Dimensions: 38 cm × 6.5 cm × 28 cm


Made In China 

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