Primera Electric Portable Clothes Dryer (Balloon)

Introducing the Primera Electric Clothes Dryer! This electric clothes dryer is quick, effective and convenient. Simply hang the clothes inside and set the timer. In addition, this low-energy clothes dryer with high performance makes ironing easier minimizing the appearance of wrinkles on your clothes. Ideal for delicate garments. Easy to store, as it can be fully disassembled and folded. This innovative dryer uses heater fan to dry clothes inside the balloon chamber to dry your clothes the most easiest and hygienic way.


-        Uses fan heater inside the balloon to dry clothes

-        No need for ironing

-        Uses a fraction of the electricity needed to run a tumble dryer

-        Safe and suitable for all fabrics

-        Dries clothes the hygienic way

-        Reduces creases so you don’t have to iron

-        Holds up to 10 kilos

-        Dust Free

-        Easy to assemble

-        Quiet motor and no messy filters

-        Approx. Dimensions:160cm high and 65cm

-        Easily packs away and takes up little space

-        High Quality Nylon cover

-        Aluminum and resistant plastic parts for assembly

-        Hangers not included



-         Max. drying load: 10 kg

-         Timer (up to 180 min)

-         Max. temperature: 70 ºC

-         PTC heater

-         Voltage: 220V 50/60 Hz

-         Power: 1000 W

-         Dimensions (diameter x height): approx. 65 x 145 cm

-         Power supply cable: approx. 180 cm

-         Cover Color: Green

-         Made in China

-         1 Year Warranty

Note: The color shown in the video is for representational purpose only. The actual color of the product is Green color (check the main image)


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