Prism Frame Rectangular Pool Set 300cm X 175cm X 80cm - delivered by Safari House


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Prism Frame Rectangular Pool Set 300cm X 175cm X 80cm

The delicious summer days are brought to you in Intex Prism Frame Pool 300 x 175 x 80cm incl. Accessories made to enjoy your own pool in the garden for hours to enjoy. With its luxurious appearance it is a wonderful addition durable and easy to set up with space for the whole family. Due to the unique composition of the pool liner, this additional file is resistant to damage. Less worry is more fun. Also, the Intex Prism Frame is easy to expand with various accessories to make the experience even more complete.


- Spacious and solid swimming pool with eye-catching design
- Strong cartridge filter pump and pool ladder included
- Pool of strong material
- Suitable for years of swimming


- Steel frame construction
- Foil with mosaic print
- Length: 300cm
- Width: 175cm
- Height: 80cm
- Empty weight: 48.70 Kg
- Material: Plastic
- Shape: Rectangular

Delivery time: within 48 working hours
Working hours: from 10:00 AM : 9:00 PM

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