Pu Yan Vapor Expert Portable Nebulizer PY001


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Pu Yan Vapor Expert Portable Nebulizer PY001

♦ In recent years, more and more research reports that air pollution caused by substances will cause infants and young people allergies and asthma attacks, Pu Yuan spray experts, the use of screen atomization technology, the drug atomization into the body most easily absorbed small particles (COPD) patients, weekdays health care can be used with the physiological salt water to maintain the respiratory tract, to prevent the throat, to prevent the throat and so on, in order to enter the respiratory tract and lungs to achieve the best drug treatment effect.Pneumonia, allergic rhinitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Dry itch and cough and other symptoms


♦ Atomizing particles about 5 microns, easy to reach the respiratory tract and lungs

♦ Small size, low noise, easy to carry

♦ Two power supplies: battery powered & transformer powered

♦ Safe power off function


♦ Brand: Pu Yan

♦ Model: PY001

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