Pupa Made To Last Lip Duo Lip Gloss 005


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Pupa Made To Last Lip Duo Lip Gloss 005

♦ A Liquid lipcolor for lips that stand out with long lasting full color, plus a Topcoat Gloss for total comfort with an ultra shiny effect.

♦ Glossy and intensively colored lips that look perfectly defined.

♦ The texture of this Liquid Lipcolor is characterized by a thin film that dries quickly, while the coating texture of the Topcoat Gloss gives a vinylic effect to the lips guaranteeing extreme comfort.

♦ The slim packaging is very practical and it comes with two different applicators to suit the two types of textures: the flocked applicator guarantees maximum precision when applying the lip color, the bristle one, for the top coat, caresses the lips ensuring a homogeneous and immediate product release.

Made In Italy

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