Red Bull Energy Drink Carton 6 x 250 ml


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Red Bull


Red Bull Energy Drink Carton 6 x 250 ml

♦ Red Bull gives you wings when you need them & Vitalizes your body and your mind.Buy Red Bull online  & get it at your favorite locations within 4 hours.


♦ Red Bull keeps yo focused and energized
♦ It gives you the extra push needed to continually perform at top levels.

♦ Red Bull Energy Drink is a great functional drink which can be really handy just before training or competition.
♦ Red Bull helps you to stay sharp, energetic and focused all the time
♦ The red bull cans light in weight and 100% recycable 


♦ Brand: Red Bull
♦ Size: 6 x 250 ml 
♦ Ingredients: Caffeine + Taurine + B-Group Vitamins + Sucrose & Glucose + Alpine Spring Water.


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