Revlon Style & Dry Manicure Set RVSP3529PKUK


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Revlon Style & Dry Manicure Set RVSP3529PKUK

♦ This rechargeable manicure pen set with charging light indicator has 13 attachments, and a cord or cordless use (up to 2 hour of cordless use). It features an integrated dryer to dry your varnish quicker and with no effort, Revlon Style & Dry Nail Manicure Set come with 13 attachments, Small fine shaping disc, Small fine shaping disc, Medium shaping disc, Large coarse shaping disc , Filing cone, Rough skin remover, Thin pointed stone, Thin rounded stone, Polishing cone, Polishing disc, Cuticle lifter, Hand held cuticle stick.


♦ Cord or cordless use (up to 2 hours of cordless use)

♦ 2 speeds: 5000 RPM-7400 RPM

♦ With an integrated nail dryer that blows cool air to dry quickly the nails

♦ battery 2xAA


♦ Brand: Revlon 

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