Rio Skin Revive LITE

♦ In beauty salons the application of selected frequencies of light treatment to the skin is used to help increase skin firmness and enhance elasticity.
♦  Skin Revive is a compact skin rejuvenation & anti-ageing treatment which uses photomodulation with a 633nm red light source to naturally rejuvenate the skin and reverse the signs of photo-ageing.
♦  The targeted red light source boosts natural collagen production in the skin to improve skin texture and elasticity. This results in a firmer, smoother and more youthful appearance. 


♦ Promotes collagen production
♦ Firms and tones
♦ Reduces fine lines and wrinkles as an anti-ageing treatment
♦ Rejuvenates skin tone

♦ 2 years Warranty


 Made in UK

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